Monday, April 24, 2017

Church Trail RIde Weekend

April 24, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

It's 5:39 in the am, and I am halfway through my Monday routine. I have cleaned my bedroom and bath, dusted and vacuumed the living room, and had my first load of laundry on the line by 4:39, much to the annoyance of the two sparrows nesting under my porch roof! Now I'm taking a break and trying to write a good post for ya'll. Here goes...

This last weekend, our cowboy church had a trail ride at a local ranch not too far from our home. It was the annual spring ride--nothing big just church family getting together to enjoy God's creation, fellowship, and eat good food. We didn't have time for our family to get our horses and trailer ready, so we left the girls and boys behind, and just went for a relaxing time. I'm glad we did, because the weather was wet and cold for most of it. Good grief, it's almost MAY, and we're still having wonky weather!

The first night, we made it out to the ranch, and helped other folks set up for the weekend. We feasted on hamburgers, chips, and cowboy potatoes (these are AMAZING--hope to get the recipe soon). There was also peach cobbler and cherry cobbler with ice cream. The cobblers were baked in dutch ovens over coals from the campfire.

The scenery was beautiful.

The sunset Friday night.

The rays streaming through the clouds were just magnificent.

Setting up for supper.

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a campfire!

After a great supper, we visited for a while, then headed home to sleep and care for our animals. But we were up bright and early Saturday to come back for a breakfast of eggs, potatoes and tortillas!

It was COLD, and very windy so instead of riding, most of us just sat around the campfire and visited, while our equine buddies enjoyed the abundant grass.

\This was around 7 am. Breathtaking.

Of course, some of our campers were more ambitious in their enjoyment of the day. Jesse and Dusty had a blast, running, jumping and climbing trees. 

However, little Annie May preferred the warmth of Daddy's hoodie pocket by the fire.

And of course, Miss Barbara tried to hug Obie. Unfortunately, he has never left the 'girls are icky when they hug!' stage. He's laughing though, because he loves Miss Babara.

Well, we went home in the late afternoon to care for our horses, and while Obie and I stayed behind to clean up, the Redneck went back to visit some more. He came home, and bedtime was nice, because we had all been so cold all day, our beds felt warm and comfy.

Sunday morning, I sent the guys off to the ranch for services, while *I* stayed home for some much needed alone time and rest. All in all, it was a lovely weekend. We're all recharged and ready to tackle another week in service to God and each other. 

I pray that all of ya'll have a blessed week, and as always,

I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dishwashing Helpers For Under $10.00

April 18, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was grand, with worship, music, fellowship with my church family, and food afterward at the 'grub Sunday' meal. We really do have the best cooks in the county. At home later, we rested, then I made dirty rice and jambalaya for supper. Don't be too impressed, it was Tony Chachere's Box dinners! But it was good.

I really enjoyed the holiday weekend, because the Redneck was off on Good Friday. We got a lot of errands done, and I picked up a couple of things to help me in my dishwashing chores. I never just buy gadgets, I spend time deciding if it will be useful enough to justify the expense and upkeep. The two I'm about to show have met my criteria.

I enjoy watching YouTube cleaning videos, especially the speed cleaning ones, and I had been seeing this little gadget on many of them.

It's a 'palm scrubber' for dishes. You put dish soap in the little compartment, and pop the black rubber lid back on. To use, you just press down on the rubber cap, and it dispenses a drop or two of soap onto the plate or pan you want to wash. You add a bit of water, scrub the item clean, then rinse and put aside to dry. I love this, because I don't have to stack dishes on the counter or in the sink to wait until I have enough to justify a sink of dishwater to wash them. Yes, I have a dishwasher, yet I only use it on the days that I don't have time to keep up with dishes, for example, the weekends when my family has a lot of errands to run or church activities take a large chunk of the day. I even use it on the days that Obie and I walk to town and back. On those days I am thankful for the blessing of the dishwasher, and I joyfully use it. But on normal weekdays, I am quite able to keep up with the dishes, so by the time supper is over, I only have a few dinner plates, silverware and serving bowls to wash. This little goodie will help me keep from piling plates even more, and it only cost around $2.50. You can find them in the kitchenware section of your grocery or big box store. Hint: while I haven't had a problem with an accidental drip of soap from this, I do keep it in a pretty glass on the windowsill, just in case.

Now, as a seasoned Thriftologist, I've been a 'plastic baggie' washer from back in the day when Amy Dacyczyn wrote THE TIGHTWAD GAZETTE. I get a LOT of use out of the good ones with a zipper lock, and sometimes the thinner ones too, but not as much. I quickly wash them inside out in the fresh dishwater, rinse them well, and drape them over something to hold them until they are dry. Normally the 'something, is a lotion bottle or soap dispenser by the sink, but if I have more than a couple of bags to dry, it can get a little tricky. I also wash certain plastic bottles for the Redneck to take Kool Aid in his lunch box, and they just don't get dry enough if set on the counter. 

I was looking through the posts in my Fermenter's Kitchen group on Facebook the other day, and I saw this gadget that a lady used to dry her kombucha bottles on. I realized it was a baby bottle dryer, and thought how it would do well for my bottles, and it would probably ROCK as a baggie dryer rack too!

I found this for around $7.00. I'm certain you can find one used at a yard sale or even from a family member whose little one has passed the bottle stage, making it an even better deal. 

I like how it can be stored folded flat like this. When not in use, it slides right into a cabinet and out of the way, so no counter clutter.

Here it is in use. It works wonderfully. There's even a small tray in the front to hold the caps to the bottles. I really like how well it works for drying those 'shower cap' bowl covers. 

Well, those are my two little triumphs for the weekend. I can't think of a better way to end this post than with a picture of two cats snoozing in a chair....

Stripe and Fraidy are getting big!

Well, I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Greetings

April 15, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

I just want to take the time to wish everyone a blessed Easter Sunday. While Christmas is great, because that's when the Saviour came to earth, Easter is the happening day, because that's when He sacrificed His own life, took the sins of the whole world, past, present and future, into Himself. The time He rose from the grave, conquering death and hell. He ascended to heaven, sitting down at the right hand of the Father, He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us through life, and someday He is coming back to take all who believe in Him and His sacrifice on the cross home to be with Him forever. Now THAT'S COOL.

It just wouldn't be a proper Easter greeting in Texas without a photo of bluebonnets! 


Well, I got chores, Later ya'll!
© Evelyn Edgett 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekend Haul For 1st Weekend In April 2017

April 2, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine has been fantastic, winding down now. Thought I'd get my weekly post done before I slip off to bed.

Friday was good, lots of sunshine, nice breeze. Obie and I walked into town, stopping at the library to see if there might be any good movies for our Saturday night movie. I scored DEADPOOL! I love Ryan Reynolds anyway, and as the wise cracking super anti hero--he's even better.

After the library, we walked to a garage sale a couple of miles away. There wasn't a lot of stuff that we could use, but I saw these plastic containers, and the lady only wanted 50 cents--for all three!

The two oval containers still had the price sticker from Dollar General--$2 each. I will use them to hold silverware and napkins when we have meals on the patio this summer. The blue rectangular basket I can use to hold packets of seasonings in the pantry.

Saturday was pretty slow, compared to our usual weekends. We did our grocery shopping. AND we stayed within the budget we set! That's always a good thing. I even found a jar of BONNE MAMAN Apricot Preserves on clearance. I love this brand of preserves. They are delicious, and the the jar is cute enough to be used as a storage container after it's empty and clean. 

We got dog and horse feed, then we went to Walmart to get a few things. I had a bit of extra money I had budgeted for entertainment, so I checked the music and DVDs I found two DVDs, RED and 300: The Rise of an Empire.

I found them in the $3.75 bin. I always check the bargain bins, because I know that eventually most movies end up there. My search for CDs also turned up two goodies. ZZ TOP'S Tres Hombres--their third album, with La Grange. Classic! I also found PISTOL ANNIES Annie Up. I like the group, but this album is kind of depressing--sort of a pity party with guitars. I mean, the songs are good, just need a right time to play them.

We even got to go out for lunch at SPICY MEXICO! This is a great little Mexican restaurant, and they make their own salsa. It. Is. So. GOOD. You will never walk away hungry, and the service is top notch.

After a stormy night filled with thunder and lightning, we got ready and headed to church. I love our church family, as you know. We had a little visitor today. 

One of our ladies brought her 'fur baby' to services. This little sweety is terrified of storms, so she got to come to church. She was very well behaved, and stayed on her little yellow 'blankie'. Only in cowboy church do you see this! And she's not the first pup to join us. We have a couple of cow dogs who regularly attend with their owners.

After church we came home to lasagna and salad for lunch, then a nap.

I realized I had forgotten a couple of things, so while the Redneck stayed home and rested Obie and I took the truck and went back to Walmart. After I got the stuff I needed, we walked around a bit, and I scored a set of king sized microfiber sheets on clearance for $11.00 that normally sell for $30. I was needing new ones, but had been waiting for a while due to the high price for good sheets. 

They are nice, and the color is perfect for my bedroom.

I also found another CD, Aaron Lewis's SINNER. He's one of the few country singers who actually sings country. And he's not even Red Dirt! I love his voice, and his song, "That Ain't Country" is spot on about what's coming out of Nashville these days.

I confess--I didn't get it out of the bargain bin! I will pay for something if it's too good to wait, and he is. 

I have been looking for tinted moisturizer for several months. I am tired of using foundation, and wanted something with sunscreen in it. I haven't been able to find any, so today I just started asking women in the makeup aisle if they knew anything about it. I hit pay dirt with the second lady I asked. She told me about PHYSICIANS FORMULA. It's got tint (and it has to be LIGHT--I'm Irish, so I'm pale), suncreen with SPF 30, and argan oil, which is supposed to be awesome for the skin. 

Walmart didn't have it, but the lady told me to check CVS. I did, and they had it. I also snagged one more good deal, because when I spent the $15.00 on the moisturizer, I got $11.00 in Extra Care Bucks, which I put towards the purchase of a jarred candle from Essential Elements. I loved the scent, Nutmeg and Oud Wood. It's spicy and earthy. Again, the jar can be cleaned and used for storage after the candle is gone. Think about repurposing when you buy things.

Well, the candle sold for $11.25, but after my Extra Care Bucks and my CVS card...I paid a whopping 31 cents! If any of you do the CVS couponing, I would love to hear about your deals. I'm still learning how to do this, and I was blessed that the clerk was kind enough to help me get a great deal.

Well, that's all of my haul for the weekend. I hope to post a bit more often soon. Till then,

I got chores. Later ya'll.
© Evelyn Edgett 2017