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Faux Pas Of The Year...So Far

February 26, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's me!
I have, on occasion in my life, had the * AHEM * talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time (I know, unbelievable, right?).
And today...I surpassed all my previous...ummmm....efforts.
I have been helping the family of an elderly gentleman who passed away get his house ready for sale the past few weeks. They are really nice folks. I have been honored to assist them in this difficult time of their lives.
This afternoon the Redneck and I were packing up the last of the stuff that the family didn't want, so they said that we could take it. I will do a 'haul' post later, and a video for my Youtube channel, Blessed In Bowie. Most of the items will be donated to a local thrift store, however I am keeping a few things for my family's use.
As I was packing up the kitchen, I noticed a square black wooden box on the counter. I wasn't sure if it was something I was to take, so I waited to ask the gentleman in charge.
I …

On Getting Up Early

February 24, 2017
Hey ya'll it's me!
I love, love, LOVE blogs about vintage homemaking. I don't live the 50s housewife life myself—too attached to my jeans, t-shirts, biker boots, etc too much—but I understand the basic aspects of the lifestyle, such as the husband is head of the home, and that the wife is the home manager. I love my role in our family, and I am quite happy to hand the reins over to the Redneck and let him handle the 'heavy lifting' IE, working outside the home, finances, making final decisions based on input from both of us, etc.
And no, I don't feel that I CAN'T handle those things. I can, and have, worked outside my home. I can handle finances quite well, thank you, and I can do many other things that I have allowed the Redneck to handle.
Because I choose to be a wife, mother and homemaker. I enjoy those roles, and I want to be the best at them that I can be, so I choose to concentrate on those tasks. I don't want it all—I just want th…

Wondercide Flea and Tick Products Review

February 23, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's me!
Today I want to give a recommendation for a product that our family discovered back at the end of last summer, and that has proven to be amazing.

WONDERCIDE NATURAL PRODUCTS is a company based in Austin, Texas, and dedicated to helping families with pets. As the founder has said, “I founded Wondercide to protect pets, people and property without harsh chemicals”
I first heard about Wondercide's flea and tick spray on a YouTube video. I did some research, and told the Redneck that we should give it a try. He agreed, and we ended up driving over an hour to the only store that carries it in our area. We bought two of the 32 ounce bottles of the Fresh Cedar Scent. It's a little pricey, yes...but it WORKS.
We got home and proceeded to spritz all our dogs and cats. We had developed a flea problem, and nothing was working. I have to be careful about using any type of insecticide around my son, due to his severe allergic reactions to some of th…

🎜"They're gonna put me in the movies..."🎜

February 19, 2017

Hey ya'll, it's me!

I am finally figuring out the new camera my friend Adam gave me, so today I am adding photos to my post!

This was Third Sunday, or Grub Sunday, at our Cowboy Church. It's the day we prove that our church has the best cooks in the county, as everyone brings main dishes, sides and desserts. We always enjoy the food and fellowship that follows the praise and worship service.

Today was extra special, cause it was also the Sunday that many of our members came in period costume, sort of a dress rehearsal. You see, our church is making a movie. It's called A Return To Faith, and of course, it's a western.

This is the third in a series of movies. I'm kind of excited, since I play one of the 'Jine Sisters', a gossipy, self righteous trio who want to burn down the saloon. The Redneck is the saloon bouncer, and he gets to throw someone out the doors of the saloon. My son will be one of the kids in the school, so we're all…

Overdoing it...again

February 18, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's me!
Recovering from being sick this past week, which isn't easy for me, since it requires me to actually REST. I did okay the first two days, then I got restless and went for a long walk with my son and picked up cans. Was taking it slow and easy, just enjoying myself, when I HIT THE JACKPOT.
I stopped to pick up a can in a neighbor's yard, then glanced into their dumpster and saw a satellite dish with the pole still attached, and a cast aluminum lawn sprinkler. You know, the one that's shaped like a little John Deere tractor that follows the water hose?
I couldn't stop myself. I handed my son the rake and bag of cans we had already collected, then reached in and grabbed the dish and sprinkler. I hefted the pole over my shoulder, and picked up the sprinkler, then we walked home.
We live almost a mile away. And those two things are HEAVY.
But we made it! Yes my shoulders and biceps are sore, but I added a lot of weight to the pile I …

Butter And Eggs/Scrap And Cans

February 14, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's me!
In the past, many homemakers made a little extra money by selling whatever they had excess of, such as extra eggs from the hens, butter churned from cream skimmed from the milk the family cow gave, knitted or hand stitched items, etc. Sometimes the items were taken to the general store and sold for cash, but often store credit was given. This money was often used to help meet basic household expenses, or maybe to purchase something special.
Even though I don't have hens for eggs or cows for butter, I have my own little ways to earn extra cash to do projects that I don't want to take funds from the family budget for. I call it my 'scrap and can' money.
Every weekday morning, after the Redneck goes to work and my son and I have done all the chores, we grab a couple of trash bags and a small rake and head out to walk the roads near our home. As we walk, I keep a sharp eye out for any aluminum cans or scrap metal lying in the gras…

Cell Phone Go Bye Bye--Am I About To Cease To Exist?

February 8, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's me!
When our family finally got internet, phone service came along with it. The Redneck and I both have cell phones, so we thought we wouldn't be using it. 
Then I got to thinking about saving money...
Currently I pay about $50 a month for an Android GO phone. I've had it over three years. It's been helpful, and at times it's been a source of entertainment when there was no internet. The screen has been damaged, so I was looking at buying another one in the near future, which would be around $100 for a low end model.
I got to thinking that since my life is pretty well based at home during the week, I don't really need a cell phone, and I could put the $50 to another use. I mean, $50 buys a lot of salad fixings!
After a lot of thought and discussion with the Redneck, I made the decision to let the cell phone go at the end of February, and simply use the phone that comes with the internet service. I purchased a Vtech phone for $20 a…

The Great Well House Rescue

February 2, 2017
Hey ya'll, it's me!
Last Wednesday we got a new roof on our house, and I gotta say, the old girl looks really nice with her new 'do'.
However, there was a side incident. I have several stray cats that I feed, and there are three young ones who are very loving and friendly. Thier names are Fraidy, Scaredy and Dobby. Absolute sweethearts, but they don't like strangers, just like any cat.
When the roofers showed up, the cats all disappeared for the day. That evening I called them for supper, but only Fraidy and Dobby came out of hiding. I called Scaredy, but never saw him. I figured he was out exploring, so wasn't too concerned.
Next morning, same thing—no Scaredy. NOW I was concerned. I looked, but no sign of him.
I went out to take care of a chore for the Redneck, and suddenly felt the need to look in the old well house. It had also gotten a new roof, and I knew that the cats sometimes used it as a shelter in bad weather.
I looked in and called, “Kitty…