December Evening At Home

December 10, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me.

First of all, I am over my 'Keto Tantrum" of the other day. Thank you all for listening to me rant about something that I should be wildly thankful for. I'm back to my determined self, researching and planning meals, trying out dishes and tweaking where they can be made more delicious for all of us. I have even found a way to calculate the 'macros' for each of us so we can get the individual results we all need.

Today was a good day. We finally got Obie's new Purple Mattress and bed platform put together. I was able to purchase these for him at a good price a few weeks ago, but it took awhile for the store to get them in so we could pick them up. Yesterday I threw out the old bed frame and box springs, and I put the top mattress on the floor in the TV room for him to sleep on last night. I did a deep clean on his room once the bed was out, then I put the platform together easily. However, the mattress itself was i…

I Have A Confession...

December 7, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me.

My confession is simply this...

A week or so ago I walked into the bedroom where the Redneck was reading, and I fell face down on the bed. I looked over at him and said, "I'm not giving up. I'm not stopping. I will figure all this out.


I am sick of Keto."

I mean it.

I'm tired of trying to figure out the right amounts of fats, proteins. carbs, etc.

I'm tired reading every single label in the grocery store.

I'm tired of BEING in the grocery store every day.

I'm tired of trying recipes in the hope that the Redneck will like something made in Keto style, and that I won't have to cook a separate meal for him (the latest fiasco has been lasagna made with thin sliced deli chicken instead of regular noodles--Obie and I are fine with it--the Redneck HATES it).

I'm tired of thinking I have found Keto safe foods, only to discover later that they are not. Two examples of this is pre shredded cheese and …

Things Are Getting Accomplished, Ufi Has A Rough Night, I have A Rough Day, And Dairy Is Getting Calmer

December 6, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

It's been a decent week. Getting a few projects worked on, especially the living room floor. Monday I kept the truck for the afternoon so I could finish getting up all the old particle wood flooring and haul it off to the dump, along with the old couch and love seat. The Redneck drove my car (he calls it the go cart, because it's so small) to work. Yeah, that's right, my big ol' Redneck drove my little 'Hortense', with the flower and rhinestone seat cover and the pink flamingo lights on the dash!

So now the old wood is gone, and even though I THOUGHT we were going to paint the floor boards with epoxy paint, now the Redneck has decided that we need to look at more options. Whoever said women can't make up their minds over decorating a house obviously never worked with a man. At least MY man. So it looks like I will be doing more research this weekend.

As you know, I have five dogs, one of which is about to turn 1…

Thanksgiving 2019

November 28, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

Well, it's Thanksgiving evening, and we have had a wonderful day. We decided against going to the family get together down in Dublin, and to just stay home. I love his family, but it is so rare that we get to just STAY HOME. One of my goals for 2020 is to have our lives arranged enough that we can stay home more often. (don't laugh, I'm serious)

I awoke to find it was raining, oh joy. We got dogs wrangled, critters fed, and basic chores done quickly. The guys had coffee, and I enjoyed TWO leisurely mugs of tea. We did some light work on the laptops, let the radio play music in the background, and I even got a load or two of laundry done so I can keep ahead of things.

I had thawed out a grass fed beef chuck roast, and found a recipe for cooking it in my new pressure cooker. Wow, talk about tender! I had only used it once before, to make beef bone broth a few days ago. I'm impressed at the quality of the food that it produce…

Happy Thanksgiving, And Dairy Weirds Me Out

November 27, 2019

Hey ya'll, it's me!

I am simply posting to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and to let you see just how STRANGE my pit bull Dairy is.

Dairy and I have developed a 'bedtime' routine when he comes in at night. We play tug of war with his tug toy, and he's hilarious to watch as he tried valiantly to take the toy away from me. He hasn't figured out yet that while he's pretty strong, I have the advantage of knowing how to lever my body so he can't pull me over. So we tussle for a while until the moment I let him win. Then he runs back and forth through the kitchen, dining room and living room, carrying his toy, stopping occasionally to shake it roughly, then grabbing it again to resume running back and forth. After a time, I say, "Bedtime!" He drops the toy and runs into the mancave. to curl up in his sleep kennel for the night.

All this hoopla so he can wear himself out enough so he sleeps all night. I will eventuall…

Animal Wrangling, Vet Visits, And Clearance Bin Blessings

November 22, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

The weather went wonky again this week, so I've been playing 'musical mutts'--putting everyone in different parts of the house so they can be warm and dry at night. I brought Dairy in, and I even got him to play tug o' war with his new toy. He was hilarious, pulling on the rope and trying to back up so he could drag me, but he couldn't get any traction on the wood floor. Our oldest dog Ufi (she will be 14 on Christmas) may be old, fat and arthritic, but she still managed to get up on Obie's bed to sleep with 'her boy'.

Earlier this week, I had to take Chloe the cat to the vet. She hadn't been pooping, she had been puddling. I could hear her tummy across the room, and her little back end and tail were just covered in nasty. I had an idea why this was happening, but I wanted to be certain.

Dr. Pam checked her out, found no fever or other abnormality, and she agreed that most likely Chloe's tummy troub…

Deck The Halls--NOT

November 21, 2019

Hey y'all, it's me!

I love this time of year, when I can go to stores and see all the great trees, browse the aisles and enjoy all the clever decorations and lights, and just driving down a street at night gives me a little bit of joy from the wonderful displays people put out on their lawns. I love to watch Christmas movies and listen to Bing Crosby's White Christmas. I go to a few parties and I give a few gifts. We even make a few special dishes for our family (this year I am trying out keto tamales in my new pressure cooker).

But I don't decorate for the holidays. I don't put up a tree, I don't do lights and garland and wreaths, and Nativity scenes on the table. We don't have parties at our house, although we might invite a couple over to have a meal sometimes. But for the most part, we keep our home just as it is this time of year.

We haven't had a tree in over 20 years. The last time we had one was when we had our first wolf, Cep…